Letters to the Universe:

Mapping the Story of the Human Journey

Letters to the Universe is a social art project that believes every voice matters. We invite participants to write a letter with the Universe in mind and to post them in our gorgeous Winged mailbox. The intrapersonal nature of writing long-hand results not only in an intimate connection with self and others but also in the telling of the human journey.

Designed as an act of compassionate listening, the project began in 2013 and has been run by teens and a few supervised adults since then. To date 5000 letters have been collected. Kathi Joy is the creator and Postmaster and her teen Talia is head Angel on Assignment.

The Winged mailbox will be installed at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for two weeks starting January 20th2016, with a special letter writing and reading event happening the evening of the 20th.

For more info see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/joyresolution,

The Universe is On Tour!

Teens on Tour

yt_01_lgTeens on Tour is a Summer program that uses the Letters project to introduce young adults to the skills of connection, compassion and mindfulness. A traveling band of ‘angels on assignment’, these youth (and a few lucky adults) write and collect letters at diverse venues and events. We strive to include communities that typically aren’t well represented in the main media.

Past tours have included: Special Olympics, Pier 39, Van’s Warped Tour, Oakland First Fridays, Berkeley Sparks Innovation Fest and (adults only) Burning Man ’13, ’14,’15.

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”